Tuya Zigbee Smart IR Remote Control Universal Infrared Control

Did anyone manage to connect and control Zigbee Smart IR Remote Control Universal Infrared Control to Smartthings hub. I just found the following, which looks great but I doubt that there is a DHT or Edge Driver.

@ygerlovin what do think ?


Zigbee2MQTT has an integration for a similar device, so it is probably possible to integrate with SmartThings. The only problem is the SmartThings UI. How would you define the learn code and use the learnt code with the limitations of the UI. MQTT is quite flexible with that…

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But, knowing that now you can possibly use AES encryption and decryption with the Edge drivers.

You can try to build an Edge driver to any Broadlink device.

The Broadlink protocol is well documented:

With many available source code on Github as well…

Or you can use a middle man like a RaspberryPi, and use a similar solution like @TAustin’s Web-requestor, but executing CLI commands.

The limit is only your coding skills and how you can puzzle things together. (And maybe the limitations of the UI…)

And as AES available, someone could make a driver for the H series Samsung TVs as well, but is there a working capability representation for TVs?

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Minor correction: no CLI commands are needed. I think you meant to say HTTP requests.

I meant the Broadlink CLI. Your Web-requestor’s RPi code does a curl only, isn’t it? I thought that curl could be replaced by a Broadlink CLI call… So it would be an Command-requestor at the end. :wink:

Just skinning the cat…

By the way, have you thought of making an Edge driver to work with NodeRed? NodeRed running on a RPi could interface any kind of information in a form of a JSON (including running CLIs).

My coding skills are ZERO… But I understand how things works. Thanks for explaining