IKEA dimmer button edge driver

Hello @Ace2 ,
you wrote: “removed the groovy driver and the edge drive”
I am just wondering: how did you remove the groovy driver? The IKEA button groovy driver is stock one in Smartthings, I haven’t used any custom DTH for the IKEA button. As far as I know, I can not remove the stock handlers.
Unfortunately, I have the same problem, I can pair it with the hub using the beta channel’s Zigbee Button edge driver, but the button presses are not registered. (btw, after pressing the button, the Battery state refreshes).
Removing the device, uninstalling/reinstalling the driver didn’t help for me.
And it will become more and more frustrating, as I already use the Zigbee Button driver for other devices, so uninstalling it is not a simple task anymore.

Finally, I managed to get it working on my Main hub (i have 3 hubs under my account, assigned to different “Locations”). The Edge driver from the Samsung beta channel works fine under my Main hub, but I have still the same issue on my “secondary” hub. (the button presses are not registered).
As it seems I am alone with this issue, I will wait for the full transition/migration from Groovy to Edge, hopefully such glitches will disappear in time.

Are your two hubs ZigBee radios on different channels? Perhaps that’s causing a conflict.

Removed all my Buttons due to the battery problem some time ago.
Periodically retry one out of utter optimism.
15 days ago I tried again and it installed with an Edge driver.
Worked real well for 10 days - dead (but reads 87%)
Tried again - 5 days then dead (<2volts) still reading 87% on ST.
Have more than 10 of these useless babbies. The first 5 or so worked well for many months - until the battery Virus hit and none are now usefull
Have the new Ikea Dirigera Hub and when I can build up more optimism I will try a button firmware upgrade.

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I have the same problem too. after deleting my dimmer for months, today I tried to pair it (I had first installed the Samsung button ZigBee edge drive, the device was paired but nothing worked. i deleted it, i deleted the drive and tried to install again.amche this time it was found and is connected to the same drive i deleted. Even now nothing works, but I see the battery percentage.I just have to delete it and throw it in a drawer.