IKEA button (square) - dimmer


It seems that the 2-button IKEA device does NOT trigger an event when button is released. Can anyone confirm??
I want to be able to do a loop in webCore as long as a button is held, and when release break the loop. Possible with the current handler? (or is there an alternative DH supporting this??)


I haven’t looked closely myself, but others have noted a message from the device when buttons are released. I don’t know what it says in Zigbee speak but it always seems to be the same. Given that it is marketed as a ‘dimmer’ button, it would make sense if there was a release message. However for all I know the IKEA app could just have a couple of presets for dimming.

At the moment the button capability doesn’t seem to have ‘released’ as one of its many possible states. However the new app clearly knows when it is in standby so maybe I’m missing something. It doesn’t look like the device handler is doing anything.

Exactly! If it would just register a release, then it would be easy to code it. But it seems as for now there is no way to tell if the button is kept held or released :-/ …

I had the exact same question a few hours ago. I tried a few different DTHs and all of the ones I could find only support the Push and Held action. It appears to me that at least one of the DTHs is sacrificing the Release action to have the held action. They are using the time between pushed and released to calculate the held. I’ll see what I can do about sorting this out.

UPDATE: It looks a lot more complicated than i first thought. I am going to have to do some digging.

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Hi Ryan,

Well, with the DH I am using, I don’t think it is using the released event (if it’s there?), because, if I make piston with “held” the action is triggered before I release the button.

That’s my point. There is no release event. There is another post where someone says this is working for them. We’ll see what they come back with.

Hi guys - any news on this ?