iHome Outage (02/07/18)

yep… another one! :slight_smile:

email from iHome moments ago…

Dear iHome Control Customers,

The iHome Cloud is experiencing a service interruption. We have identified the cause and are working diligently to restore service.

We will follow-up with a status report as soon as the service is back online.

-The iHome Control Team

My devices are operational again.

Working with Siri but not with Alexa. Cannot set up new device or set up access for my son.

Latest email from iHome…

Dear iHome Control Customers,

We want to apologize for the service interruption that you may have encountered on Wednesday, February 7th.

Our cloud services fully recovered as of 8am Thursday, February 8th and a majority of devices have successfully reconnected to the network. We continued running diagnostics to ensure 100% device connectivity and are confident that devices running the latest firmware* are reconnected.

Alerts about the outage were sent by email, on our social platforms and our website in an effort to keep you informed.

We truly understand your frustrations and are taking every possible measure to eliminate these occurrences. Our duty is to provide you with information and explanation, not excuses.

A database error caused the cloud interruption. We are working with our service provider to put effective database redundancies in place.

Over the next several weeks you will be seeing a lot more improvements to the iHome Control experience, including a live detailed view of our cloud status accessible from within the iHome Control app.

Thank you for being a loyal and understanding customer.

The iHome Control Team