iHome out again 2-1-18

As of a little while ago iHome plugs are once again unavailable in SmartThings.

Mine are working :slight_smile:

Mine went out and won’t connect again

UPDATE: Spoke to SmartThings support. Found out the following if I turn off WiFi the ISP-5 outlets no longer work with the iHome App. But the IPS-8 outlets do. So there is something going on at iHome and ISP-5 outlets.

I just spoke to iHome and here are the instructions to get them to work.

  1. Turn off WiFi on your phone
  2. Press button on plug just until green light flashes then release
  3. Go to WiFi on your phone turn it on
  4. Select the iHome plug at the bottom.
  5. Tap it
  6. Wait until it connects to you network
  7. Turn off WiFi on phone
  8. Go to iHome app
    Make sure you have a blue circle on the right next to plug name.
    If you do all is good turn on phone WiFi. You are done. If not repeat process. Do this for each plug one at a time.

Thanks for this. I have a few I’m trying to bring over and was running into same thing.

Did they explain why we have to do this? Or what sort of change they made to knock so many devices offline?

Thanks for sharing this @joelw135. Very helpful.

If I didn’t have so many iHome plugs (15) I’d be inclined to sell them all and double down on Z-Wave or Sonoffs.

No explanation, nor taking any responsibility for it.

When working they are extremely stable. And keep those instructions near, they do help.

Thanks. This worked for me too. The joys of having a connected home. :roll_eyes: