iHome Control (Connect) app does not open - iHome devices not working

(jkp) #1

Several of my iHome smartplugs stopped working today. Usually I could simply unplug them and they would reconnect but they don’t today. I also tried to open the iHome Control (Connect) app but it will not open.

iHome ISP6 Plug stopped working
Ihome isp5 Smart Plugs No longer working properly...keeps getting disconnected from ST
Ihome isp5 Smart Plugs No longer working properly...keeps getting disconnected from ST
(Dennis Malone) #2

Same here. They appear to be sending events and I can control them through HomeKit but cannot control through ST or open the SmartApp in ST.

(jkp) #3

UPDATE: now all my iHome devices are not controllable through the ST app.

(jkp) #4

spoke with support…


will keep you posted if there are any updates.

(engrgma11) #5

There has been consistent issues between iHome Control App and Devices.


I am experiencing the same issue with all my IHOME plugs since yesterday.


As JKP pointed out, folks at both Smarthings and ihome confirmed to me this morning that they are having issues, and hope to have a fix soon. No ETA


Same problem here - I was gone for a couple of days so thought a simple power cycle would get my 3 switches back online. Trying to go into the iHome smart app brings “Something’s Wrong We can’t load your screen right now” Luckily, the iHome app let me shut my lights off for the night, at least.

(Anuj79) #9

having the same issue … wheres the option to live chat

(jkp) #10

go to the support page, live chat is at the bottom…


if you have any ad/content blocking, you may need to disable it for that page


Hey, my devices are working today! Hope this is totally fixed for you all…

(jkp) #12

Yes, they are now working :slight_smile: I tested about an hour ago but they were not working.


They are working for me as well, it looks like they fixed the issue.


Mine is working again. Hope it stays that way.