IFTTT & Virtual Door Sensor

Hi all,

Any idea of how to do the following?
2 or more IFTTT Applets would change the status of a virtual door sensor, from open to close.
This door sensor would then be seen as a “normal” one by the rest of the SmartThings environment.

Any idea/suggestions? (SmartApps, Device Handler and/or webcore)


IFTTT uses switches.

Create a Virtual Switch and use webCoRE to create a rule that says:

If switch is on
Using Door Sensor

If switch is off
Then Using Door Sensor

I also realised that I could do direct with the switch and forget the door sensor :slight_smile:
So just done, used my mihome door sensor and ifttt to integrate it into smartthings.

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And big thanks to @danroot for his Open/Closed button tile!