Two-way sync with IFTTT integrations

Looking for some automation logic help between SmartThings and an IFTTT controlled garage door.

I have a garage door controller that supports triggers and actions for “Open/Opening” and “Close/Closing”. I have created a Simulated switch in SmartThings and shared it with the IFTTT integration. My goal is to keep the switch state in sync with the Garage Door state, regardless if the switch is “pressed” in the smarttthings app, or the garage is opened/closed outside of smartthings.

To accomplish this, I created four actions in IFTTT:

  1. If the GarageDoor opens, change the SmartThings Simulated Switch to On
  2. If the GarageDoor closes, change the SmartThings Simulated Switch to Off
  3. If the SmartThings Simulated Switch changes to On, open the GarageDoor
  4. If the SmartThings Simulated Switch changes to Off, close the GarageDoor

While this technically works, any time the garage door is opened (or closed), two of the actions fire – first the action to update the SmartThings switch fires, but then the action that noticed the switch changed also fires, causing the command to open the door to fire “twice”.

Is there a better way to accomplish this that doesn’t create the “echo” of this approach (I have WebCore installed as well, if that would work better)?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Use webCoRE and put an “And” in the arguments.

For example:
If simulated switch changes to on
Garage door is closed

The “And” should eliminate the double firing because in the above, the garage door has to be closed in order for the Piston to fire. If it’s already opened then it will not execute.

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which specific garage door controller do you have? You should be able to set up in IFTTT applet to do this if the trigger of the door opening is available and the virtual switch is exposed to IFTTT. Have you set up the IFTTT smartapp by going into IFTTT and adding SmartThings?