IFTTT Only In Certain Mode

I have an IFTTT applet that notifies me when a certain door sensor is open. I would like this to only happen when SmartThings is in night mode. Is there anyway to pull this off now?

Is the contact sensor paired to your ST hub?

Why do you need IFTTT to send a notification?

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Agreed. Look into WebCore. Makes it a lot simpler and more reliable than using IFTTT.

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Good call guys. It is paired with the hub. I definitely don’t need to use IFTTT. Is there a way nativily to have it call me if the sensor is opened?

Have a look at the “notify me when” smart app in the marketplace (security section).


It’s also possible to do this with a smart home monitor custom rule. It can be restricted to run only during night mode.

WebCoRE is great though.