IFTTT + SmartThings connection (Canada)

Hi everyone, I got my hub v2 with a multi sensor today. I’m trying to connect my IFTTT with it but there is a connection error. I’ve tried on my iPhone and internet as well, but same error in both.

Has anyone an idea what’s the problem?

Is there any specific error code? I am having no issues and I am in Mississauga, Ontario.

I’m having perhaps a similar problem. When I try to connect, I am told “Authorize IFTTT to access your SmartThings?” and I select all my devices and click “authorize”. It comes back with “Could not connect SmartThings”. That’s all I get to see.

Could someone who has IFTTT connected try “edit connection”. Maybe something is down someplace.

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I get the same error when editing the connection, probably a good idea to email ST support. Tagging @slagle or @Aaron


Please submit a ticket to support and include a screenshot of the error