Notification when any door or garage door is open at specific time of day

I’d like help setting up where I can get a notification (preferably with a text and option to trigger something like a phone call with IFTTT) if any of my three multi sensors or two GoControl garage doors are open at 10:05pm each night. If all 5 sensors are in the closed position I don’t want anything to happen but if any of them are open I want to know. Everything I’ve found so far alerts if a door has been open for a certain amount of time but I only want this to check at that one set time each day.

Great minds do think alike! I was trying to figure out that exact same thing 5 minutes ago.[quote=“jeff0, post:1, topic:52960”]
I only want this to check at that one set time each day.

But i have just 1 Linear garage door opener. Thru IFTTT I want it to call my home phone if my garage door is still open at 9pm each night. Anyway that can be done?

I recommend CoRE for this, although the dedicated app for this (Notify me when) might be enough.

IFTTT isn’t necessary, but could be used here too, just search for the threads to install it if you go that route.

If it were me, I’d check the notify app first, then CoRE, then IFTTT.

The IFTTT “phone call channel” can call a land line phone, works great for my moisture detector. (I test it every once an a while just for fun) Since I get up at 4:15 am every morning, I’m usually upstairs in bed by 9pm. That bedroom is a NO CELL PHONE ZONE. That’s why I’m thinking of the IFTTT option.

Oh, gotcha, missed the phone call requirement. IFTTT is the way to go, I still recommend CoRE direct to IFTTT, but will take a little bit of work.

Smart Home Monitor custom rules can do this, and send a push and/or text message notification.

**edit - I missed the phone call requirement as well.

Sorry, new to this, team, but how can one make Smart Home Monitor report a status, rather than firing when a status changes? Installed my GoConnects this morning and not having much luck in this.

I think to have time-based status reports you’d have to use something like CoRE. As far as I know, SHM notifications only run when events happen, I couldn’t find a way to add notifications that report status at a certain time.

Ok, I have been reading all the posts regarding notifications that my garage door is open. I want to know

  1. At a specific time
  2. If I have left the house
    My god, these seem like such simple tasks… and something a million people would want. No, I don’t want to be writing (or buying) some custom ap. I have tried the notification route for detecting at a specific time and was unable to get it to work… I am convinced it won’t.
    Needless to say I am very disappointed in this device. There must be something out there that is simpler. I am off to investigate other z-wave controllers…

Notify me is simple

webCore is powerful.

Both would do the job.

I did something similar using WebCore where if Mode changes away from Home (to Night or to Away) and any of the contact sensors are opened, then Speak/push a notification via Samsung speaker “a door or window is still opened”.


I’m using SmartApp “Is my Home Secure” by Tim Slagle to achieve this. It checks status at a particular time and alerts you if any door is open(SMS and/or Push message). It can also run the checks when mode changes and alert you if a door is still open.

Tim’s app is free and is copied to the SmartThings web interface ST web interface (then you select and run it on your mobile device)

Copy from here… Tim Slagle’s SmartApp code

You might have to run 2 instances of the code; one to check at a particular time and one to run at a mode change.

Thanks to all that have responded. Kicking and screaming, I undertook all the myriad of steps to get core installed and have accomplished my task. It was an incredible pain in the a$$ and I only accomplished it because I am stubborn and retired. I still contend that for these incredibly simple tasks, they should be available when I install the app with nothing else to do! Ok, you can disagree if you want. No worries. But unless you want to just turn some lights on and off, I still would not recommend the device to others because of this issue.

By the way, the screens to install core in the core for dummies post have apparently changed. I fumbled through following the jest of the post and got it downloaded and installed. I suspect many have just given up.

Oh, and to the post about using Notify, I don’t think so. It works fine to detect a change in status, or maybe the status after a specified period of time. But good luck checking the current status at a specific time.