IFTTT no longer calls me

I have a number of IFTTT applets that should call me when ST detects certain events (moisture, contact sensor changes to open, etc.). I was testing my water sensors today and while ST successfully detected moisture and sent me a push notification, the IFTTT applets never initiated a call to my phone.

Is anyone using the IFTTT “make a phone call” applet with ST? If so, can you see if it’s working for you?

Also, if anyone has suggestions as to a better way to initiate a phone based on an ST event or condition, please let me know. TIA.

So, it turns out things were working but there was a lag. A 5 hour lag. :roll_eyes:

If anyone knows of another way to initiate a call to my phone, please let me know.

I can’t help you, but IFTTT is lagging for me too (not 5 hours though). Seeing about a 10 minute delay.