IFTTT not working with ST?

I’ve not been able to get IFTTT and ST to work together since October 30th. Ever since that date nothing between those two services are fired in either direction. Is anyone else having problems? I’d like to know if you are before i try more drastic measures to rebuild these services. Thanks!

I don’t know about any specific problems, but I do know IFTTT support has said they have to rewrite the integration for the new platform because the old one used the Groovy cloud. Back at the beginning of September, they didn’t have a timeline. So my first thought would be that it was related to that transition, but I don’t know for sure. :thinking:


Mine have been working fine.

(I have three Ifttt recipes. Two of them are for arming and disarming Arlo when I leave the house with my presence. Using a virtual switch.)


Thanks for the replies. I ended up “disconnecting” a few of my IFTTT applets and reconnecting them, and that seems to have worked for now.

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