IFTTT Multiple Devices Smartthings to Smartlife

I have installed several Treatlife Smart Switches, set up in Smartlife App. I have created corresponding Virtual Switches in ST. In IFTTT I created two Applets - ST -> SL to turn on and turn off switch. IFTTT only allows one On Applet to control one switch and one Off Applet to control one switch. I don’t see any way to create more one-to-one connections for the rest of the switches. Retired IT and even I can’t figure this out.

Update: No way to do it using the IFTTT App, must create account on Website (will not let you login using user/pwd from App) then go to /create page to manually link ST to SL and set up all 4 trigger applets for each Virtual Switch.

Try adding them through Globe in the new app. All of my Tuya devices appeared with the exception of an IR device. To log into Globe just use your smartlife credentials.

Globe Suite worked same as TP-Link | Kasa Smart. Response is quicker without going through IFTTT as middleman. Thanks for the heads-up on this. Wish I knew about it before I spent an hour setting up 20 Applets in IFTTT.

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Are you actually adding the devices through Globe, or just logging in using the same credentials?
I had a Globe account tied to the same email as my SmartLife app, so had to delete that Globe account in order to try using a single sign on. I have to wait a week before the old Globe account will clear though.
I’ve not been able to add devices directly through Globe, so still hoping for a work around.

I added my TreatLife Smart Switches using SmartLife (created account just for those). Then I created an IFTTT account and linked it to both Smartthings and SmartLife so I could create Applets for ST to control SL and SL to update ST Virtual Switch status. Then I saw the post from Chris above so added Global Suite to Smartthings (linked using my SmartLife account login info). My Switches in SmartLife automatically showed up so was able to use them just like any other device (similar setup to my TP-Link/Kasa smart outlets by linking TP-Link/Kasa to Smartthings). Everything works and response time is faster now since IFTTT is no longer the ‘middleman’ between ST and SL. I deleted my Virtual Switches and also deleted my IFTTT account just to clean up the excess baggage.

Interesting. I’ll have to give it a try when I am down to 1 account that I can try in Globe. I have 1 device in SmartLife that doesn’t work with IFTTT, so been waiting for Smartthings integration. I wish all devices in SmartLife had the same extra connections, but it is device specific.

Just logging in through globe with the smartlife credentials

I followed the same steps. I added 3 Treatlife switches to Smartlife app. Then I added Globe Suite to my smartthings and was able to login with smartlife credentials but my 3 Treatlife switches in Smartlife is not showing up. Are they supposed to just show up in the Smartthings app? Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Go to Connected Services and tap on Globe and make sure your devices show up in Globe. If they do, they should be visible in ST as well.