Syncing Virtual Devices over IFTTT?

For a couple years I’ve been using wifi plugs to turn on RGB strip lights when motion is detected.

Since I cannot add these plugs into the smartthings app, I am forced to create a virtual switch that is the trigger for an IFTTT applet which turns on the plug from the SmartLife/Tuya app. (This causes a delay which is pretty annoying that I also haven’t found a solution for but not the issue here)

Everything had been working fine until some Samsung motion sensors went kaput and I was forced to change some things around. Now however, my applets do not run and flicking on the virtual device from the Smartthings app does nothing even though the applet is set. I have deleted and re made the applets, edited both connections in the IFTTT app, and reset all the wifi plugs, to no avail.

Is there something I’m missing or perhaps an easier way to go about this? It was working fine before but now nothing.

FWIW - any IFTTT applet that had one of my SmartThings devices did not run for that past 6 hours, they just started working a few minutes ago. The CHECK option in the applets were even giving errors.

So you may try it again now, since my applets just started to run.

Have you checked to see if these plugs work with Globe Suite? It may be able to manage the device and recently a Globe Suite integration was added that works in the new ST app. ?

Ah yes I just noticed this. Thanks a lot!!