Smartthings and SmartLife WIFI outlets via IFTTT: what am I doing wrong?

OK community, I have looked on in the community, youtube, on google. Know Im missing something. Have 5 wifi switches working in smart life. Was able to make 5 virtual switches in smartthings. In IFTTT create 2 applets using smart life to smartthtings lights/outlet turn on and turn off by mshenoda. Also created 2 additional applets for smartthings to smart life lights/outs turn on and turn off using mshenoda. 4 total. He is where I know I’m doing something wrong. All works, except I can only assign on virtual switch at a time. When I try to install a new virtual switch using mshenoda applet I can only choose one of my virtual switches. The virtual switch chosen now works with smartthing. Can not choose any of my additional virtual switches to work. Only one at a time. What am I doing wrong. How can I use ALL my wifi switches and my virtual switches to work with IFTTT and Smartthings. HELP.