SmartLife App / ewelink app Smartapp?

(AndrewVish) #1

Can some one create Smartapp to link SmartLife or ewelink software so devices will show up in SmartThings?

Thank you

Totally new to SmartThings

Yes, second that! Would love to be able to integrate into Smartthings. Any talented developers out there who can do this?


Same here! I bought a bunch of random wifi bulbs that all seem to work with the SmartLife app. Eosaga, Wifi bulb, Upstone

SmartThings and WiFi Intigration

It only works via IFTTT right now


I have my ewelink switches working with SmartThings (and ActionTiles) using IFTTT. It takes some time to setup, but it works.

In summary, I created a Simulated Switch device in ST foreach ewelink switch. Then in IFTTT, I added the ST switch as the trigger, and the ewelink as the action. I had to do this as 2 applets per switch, one for ON, one for OFF. But then I had to update the ST switch state if someone puts a light on via ewelink or manually, so I added 2 more applets per switch (ON and OFF), with the trigger now being ewelink and the ST as the action.

I have 12 lights/channels (on 5 switches) so I had to create 48 applets. I was worried about creating an infinite loop, but when I switch on IFTTT notifications no such loop seems to be running.

Hope it helps someone before ewelink talks directly to ST.

(Eric Mc Donald) #6

I’ve gone the IFTTT route to control some SmartLife plugs I just got for outdoor lights. They seem to work fine to turn on/off via smartthings (with a 1-5 second delay). The reverse IFTTT path (SmartLife App or manual button to trigger the ST’s virtual switch to update) doesn’t seem to work. As I don’t plan on using that much/ever, I’ll just leave it as is. Thanks for posting your solution, this my first time integrating IFTTT with ST and it took under 5 minutes.

(Ecallegari) #7

Anybody else having issues with Ewelink on IFTTT recently? Always failing in IFTTT for me.