IFTTT connectivity?

(Aphex5) #1

There’s an If This Then That app in the “Connectivity” section on the SmartThings iOS app at the moment, but it isn’t clear how it actually connects to IFTTT. SmartThings doesn’t show as one of the current channels for IFTTT (https://ifttt.com/channels). Is connectivity between the two ready or still being worked on?

(Ben Edwards) #2

This is still being worked on. It has been ready for about a month but the IFTTT channel is not public yet. Will be very cool when it is live.

(David Simmons) #3

Any update on this or projection of when it will be public?

(Mike) #4

Looking forward to this being an active channel! Any possibility of being able to use the private channel?

(Craiginpa) #5

+1 – looking forward to IFTTT channel.

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(Noah Selling) #7

+1 I would love to hear any updates on this as I use IFTTT for lots of tasks

(Paul K) #8

+35 as well. It’s kind of a tease to have it sitting there in the smart apps… Even an update as to what the challenge is would be appreciated.

(Craiginpa) #9

PaulK – +35??? Why do you get 34 more votes than anyone else? :wink:

Is it possible they have to have it “just sitting there” in order to let anyone do testing of it?

FWIW, they’re doing beta testing. I got an email a day or two ago inviting me but I turned it down because I don’t have a real need for it for at least a few months so I don’t think I’d really be testing anything but IFTTT phoning to wireline phone & delivering a message, but I am looking forward to the IFTTT feature. If you think you’d give it some good testing you could contact ST support and ask if you can be included in the beta.

FYI, I thought I saw a comment somewhere saying IFTTT can have a lag in response, e.g., up to 15 minutes. If true, that would be a significant limitation for some applications some people might want it for.

(Av8rdude) #10

I just started playing with IFTTT. It looks like their time based recipes only allow selections in 15 minute increments (00, 15, 30, 45). I used IFTTT to call me this morning and it was only 1 minute late from my selected 7:45.
So I do not believe there is a 15 minute lag. Just very limited choices for time/date.
In the IFTTT date selections it is very limited. But this would still be a really cool addition to SmartThings capability.

(Craiginpa) #11

In the context of a sensed event or combination, a fixed schedule of running recipes only every quarter-hour is, by definition, a lag in taking action due to the event. It won’t matter to most things, but if there is a home invasion or a system has somehow detected a person fallen to the floor, it could be important to have the phone call be made within a minute of the detection (if not immediately) rather than up to 15 minutes later. I’m not saying I expect IFTTT to be more of a pushed rather than periodically run service, but it is a limitation one would need to be aware of so they could pursue an alternative solution for more urgent reporting of the alarm to source of help.

(Paul K) #12

Funny I never thought of IFTTT as being used for real-time reaction. I find it more useful for information processing. E.g. Have all events logged to a Google doc and backed up to dropbox. Which can lead to a bunch of things like figuring out your commute times and determining when you’ll be home on average. e.g. Paul left work at 4, at that time it usually takes him 32 minutes so I can turn on the A/C in 10…etc etc etc. Tweeting to a neighborhood watch account when suspicious activity occurs is probably a more measured response to “threats” as of right now I wouldn’t trust the platform to call the police.

There are also other applications like using it as a notification service of non-time critical functions like when a picture is tagged “#forgrandpa” then a light comes on at the grandparents’ house to let them know they should check Facebook for new pictures (otherwise the computer wouldn’t be on). There are plenty of non-time critical reactions that can happen. Weather prediction and response is another good example of this (though I know there’s a bit of this already in ST). Weather services are nowhere NEAR real-time (or accurate if I’m being honest)

Heck, even being able to send an EMAIL as an alert instead of SMS would be handy!

(and yes, I have 34 extra votes. One for each use I can think of on IFTTT :slight_smile: )

(Bobby) #13

Didn’t want to start another thread, so I am bumping this one up…Anyone else having IFTTT issue? No wonder none of my recipes are firing:


Are they all virtual switches? Several people reporting problems with virtual switches today.

(Bobby) #15

Nope, I ditched all my virtual switches couple of weeks ago when I started having issues with their state…

Amazon Echo and Virtual Switches stopped working
(Bobby) #16

So none of my recipes ran yesterday, or this morning. I had to reconnect the channel in IFTTT and they seem to be working now…