LIFX Errors

So I am getting new and interesting errors from LIFX connect. Anyone else getting these?

I think this might be part of the new instabilities that started yesterday. For me, random errors come and go (all new to me - the apps have been stable). Might be preparation for Thursday.

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Yeah, I think so. My IFTTT channel is down too…

My IFTTT is running. Oddly, it’s the only thing kickstarting the few things that needs refreshing periodically (aka scheduled) that works.

You saw my logs, nothing IFTTT works…but have nothing critical so I can wait to get it back after the ‘latest and greatest’ is pushed through on Thu.

I wonder why something totally fails for one and works perfectly for someone else.

EDIT - I did see your logs. Mine are error free for IFTTT.

Mine did it last night with LiFx. It’s because it logged you out or the Auth tokens expired. Open the LiFx connect app and you will see that you need to re-authenticate again. After that it’s worked fine since. I also had to do this with my Harmony as well.

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I reinit the connect and I’ve got this now:

@ line 201 :slight_smile:

But I tell you what, reinit worked to kickstart IFTTT…

That’s one of the errors that is being kicked out by the platform today (started last night). Oddly, if you wait and try at the right time, it will work (just to fail randomly again). At least this is how it works for me today.

Actually it worked! Thanks for your help :smile:

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