IFTTT I need more options

I was using another smart home controller hub and they allow multiple rules listed as WHEN, IF - ELSE, and THEN. I was able to use a door sensor to turn on a outlet and a light, it timed for 7 minutes then turn off automatically. Use a motion sensor to control the same outlet and a different motion sensor to control the light and shut off 5 minutes after motion stopped. Is it possible to do the same with ST or use another platform that works with ST to achieve the same affect. I need more control of my ST. Please help.

You can have all that and more. :sunglasses: Smartthings is very powerful, it’s just not very intuitive.

The following FAQ should be of help (this is a clickable link)

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Thank you. Something new to learn but willing. I am a nube and wanting to learn as much as possible and possibly help others once I have learned enough to do so. Again thanks.


You might also find the technical welcome FAQ of interest. It’s in the community – created wiki. :sunglasses:


It’s mentioned in @JDRoberts’ FAQ . . .

Take a look at webCore.

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Tried to install webCoRE and missed the check publish part and cant find it on ST as it showed I should Need help to fix this issue please

Webcore has their own forum (Linked to in the post above). Ask there and you’ll find lots of people to help you. :sunglasses:

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Someone mentioned how by clicking on each item from smartthings IDE and posting from that screen. Was vague but figured it out. Unable to access WebCoRE community until trusted. I’m a nube to this. Thank you for the help.

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pmbrabbs I am using this for the St and wc account. Thank you.