Complex Timed event with automation?

Was trying to setup an automation within the classic ST app where if my ring doorbell had motion between a set of times (e.g. 7pm to 4am), then to turn on a switch (e.g. Reality Switch in this case). Then after X number of time, turn switch off.

Thinking IFTTT would do in a way, but also think that since automation within ST seem to have a deeper setup if needed, that this should be able to happen within ST app itself. Is this not the case?

Is there anything different you all have done or seen or any other app you have used for these types of things?

Smartthings has much deeper automation possibilities than IFTTT, but right now most of those are only available through the classic app. So the first question is which smartthings app are you using? ( you can use both at the same time, and many people do, particularly if they have Samsung appliances or televisions which only work with the new app. )

Anyway, take a look at the complex logic FAQ (the thread title is a clickable link) and it will lay out some of your options:

My goto for this type of thing is generally webCore.

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Your requirements can be done using Smart Lighting within the SmartThings app. The problem you will run into is the light turning off will then trip the ring motion again (assuming it’s in the field of view) and the light will turn on again and over and over in an infinite loop. I had to use webcore so I could add a condition that the light was off at least 30 seconds.

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