Automate Lights with Lots of Conditions?

Thanks I would like to automate my outdoor lights to turn on under the following conditions, but am unsure how to proceed. Here are the conditions:

One or more cars are away;
The lights are off; and
It is after sunset but before sunrise.

I want them to turn off 10 minutes after all cars have returned, which should just be the reverse of whatever rule I create to turn them on.

How do I accomplish this? I can use the iOS SmartThings app, SmartRules, or IFTTT. I created the rules shown on the enclosed screen shot in SmartRules, but I wonder if it will work without an “if this happens” condition. Any advice?!?

Thanks, in advance, for all replies!!

You can accomplish it with WebCORE…


I have no experience with the iOS SmartRules, but you can have very complex rules using WebCoRE.


My thanks to jkp and jeubanks for introducing me to WebCore. I just watched the intro video and I’m astounded. That is exactly what I’ve needed for so many of my SmartThings automation desires. Thank you both very much!!


You already got your answer, and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with webcore. :sunglasses: I just wanted to add the link to the FAQ on this question for others who might find this thread in the future: