Switch on light with Blink camera motion, then off

I know the old Blink camera integration is now missing, but there is some integration with ST and IFTTT.

I’m wanting to switch on downstairs light (controlled via ST already) if there is motion detected by a Blink camera.

So into IFTTT and have put “if motion on camera switch on light” that’s fine.

However how will I switch the light off? If I put a “no motion switch off light” it will be doing this all the time.

Ideally I only want this happening at certain times as well. Is there anything I can do for this please? Or any suggestions of other integrations I could do ?


Create a Virtual Switch in SmartThings and then use IFTTT to turn on the Virtual Switch. (If Blink detects motion Then Turn On Switch in SmartThings)

Now use webCoRE to say:

If Blink Virtual Switch changes to On
Then with Virtual Switch
Wait 1 minute
Turn Off

Now create another Piston in webCoRE based on your desired conditions for notifications using the Virtual Switch. (Be sure to turn off notifications in IFTTT for the Applet)

Thanks for that have to get my head around all of this then. Never used WeCore or virtual switches.

I have the iOS app SmartRules which is a front end for some automations though.


I have tried to do this with IFTTT, but the motion detection applet doesn’t run quick enough for it to be of any use. The response time for me has been anywhere between 2 and 45 minutes. Not very useful for lighting automation.

The applet even states on it- “This applet usually runs within a few hours.” But, if you force the applet to execute with “Check now”, it executes very quickly.

IFTTT works well for me to arm the cameras, but I haven’t figured out the trick to make motion detection worthwhile.

Your correct. Tried this and it was average over 20 mins so pointless for switching a light on to “scare” away.

Why oh why Amazon spoiled the integration from @royboy I don’t know, will I do probably wanted full control, but still . .

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