Conditions logic configuration?

Hey Guys, new to ST, but already got a very good setup and solid understanding on how things work.
However i am try to do some basic logic integration with 2 devices and i cant find an easy way to do so with the built in tools.
What i am trying to do:
When door open automatically turn on lights (working).
When Motion stops inside the same room for 1 minute turn off light (working)
what i am trying to do, and cant find an easy way to:
When motion stops for 1 minute AND the door is closed, turn off the light.

Currently light turns off if the motion simply detect no motion, even if i am still in the room but just sit still…
i am trying to bypass that by adding a condition to do so only if the door sensor is closed. but cannot find a way to enter conditions. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
thank you.

Welcome! The official SmartThings features don’t do “while” options very well except for mode.

There are two good alternatives.

If you have an iOS phone, there is a third-party $10 app, SmartRules, which is easy to use and very popular. It does have a “while” option. You get it through the regular App Store. Here’s the website that lists the features:

Alternatively, there is a free option that works on any phone that can run the official SmartThings mobile app. Set up is pretty complicated, but there are lots of community members who can help you. It is called core.

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Thank you Sir, i am an androind user… So seems like for me it will be the hard way .:S … i wished Sammy would put this basic functionality. But seems like i need to start reading if i want to do this :slight_smile:

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@JDRoberts Just an update. Thanks for the CoRE link… Install was a breeze, the logic capabilities are insane there !!! i got my “Piston” AKA “Condition” Setup in 2 minutes. Going to test now…
i am extremely impressed with the power of it.
Thanks for the WiKi link.