If motion detected, then audible alarm tone on smartphone

I wish there was a recipe for this: if motion is detected, then my iPhone sounds an audible alarm tone of my choosing so that I can distinguish by sound which motion detector has been triggered.

This is possible now with a SmartApp that would just monitor your sensors, and send you a notification with the name of the triggered sensor. I don’t know whether it is possible to play a specific sound on the iPhone when any of these come in, but that is possible on Android.

Why don’t you set up a SMS notification, and then set up a particular text tone for that number that sends out the text? That way anytime ST notifies you via text you get the same sound.


Thanks, I just purchased the SmartThings Starter Kit and am on my second day of learning all this stuff along with IFTT. Much of the lingo is new to me. So I appreciate all the “baby talk” to get me up to speed on this new stuff. I’m way past 50 years old. :wink:

is this for android or iOS? I don’t see it as an option on android

It is just setting up a contact on your phone and associating a text tone w/ the particular contact. It is easy on iOS, I’ve seen people set up it up on android. It doesn’t have anything to do w/ ST, just setting up a contact w/ that phone number and getting a different ring tone or text tone when they text or call you.