Alarm that plays a song or sound on the mobile device

I’d like to have a song play or recording on my phone play if a motion sensor downstairs is tripped. I see apps for playing songs on Sonos and I think even iTunes on a Mac. How about one that just plays a song or specified sound on the mobile device itself? I’m not sure a push notification would wake me up and I’m not really looking to install a siren.

Sorry if I’m missing something. Brand new to this!



There are some creative ways to do this, but nothing that is perfect without jailbreaking your device (I assume you have an iPhone and iPad).

Right now, here is what you can do. Create IFTTT recipe that sends you an email via gmail when a motion event happens. Then get this app on the device you want to get an alert on:

This app requires you to setup a rule in gmail that will forward specific emails to another address ( You then setup a custom tone in mailtones and you’ll get a custom alert. Note: IFTTT can have up to a 15 minute delay.

You could also try to use an application called growl.

and its companion prowl:

But I am not sure you can customize the alerts in prowl.

Another option is to Use HAM Bridge.
@scottinpollock - I assume something like this is possible with HAM Bridge.

  1. trigger a motion event to send a message to HAM Bridge
  2. Have HAM Bridge trigger a script to send a email with a custom subject
  3. Use some notification app (like mailtones) to create a custom alert.

This would eliminate the possible 15 minute wait from IFTTT.

Yes. HAM Bridge can fire off an AppleScript to send an email, text, or even a push notification. Since I am on Android, I can pretty much do anything based on the content of a notification using Tasker. iOS users will of course need an app that can do what they want base on incoming emails, texts, or notifications.

One workaround regardless of the type of phone you have, as long as your phone can do custom tones based on contact:

Instead of texting/calling your regular phone, text a message forwarding service (or a VoIP number sent up to forward to your regular phone)

Set up the forwarding service as a contact on your regular phone.

Assign a custom tone to that contact.

You can try RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2) with your android device , installing Android UPnPlay App

Ok. I got this to work
Use HAM Bridge and
Add the motion/no motion app to smart things (found on the HAM Bridge site)
Use this apple script to send you a custom email
setup your iPhone/iPad/etc… to a custom VIP ringtone and assign your email address a contact on a device

This will send you a custom ringtone

Thanks so much everyone. I’m trying these out now. I really appreciate all of the tips!!