Zen Thermoostat Smartthings V2

JUst setup the Zen Thermostat. My aim is to keep the temp at 72°F when at home and 75°F when we are away. I cannot for the life of me figure this out. I tried the Keep me Cozy app but it asks me to select a heater but screen is blank. ANy help please?

You can manage thermostat set points using routines, that’s where I have my zen setup

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Keep me cozy was created before Routines. As mike mentioned just do it using Routines now.

how about keep me cozy II. It has a setting for heating and air conditioning temperatures. I can create two of those for when mode is home and mode is away

Edit: Seems like it does the same thing as setting it in the routines. Another question. what happens if I am in cooling mode and temperature falls below what I have set, will it auto switch to heat?

keep me cozy 2 was created so have additional sensors help determine the “house” temperature. I’m not sure if those applications will do the witch of modes for you.

I wrote my own app (taking hints from the keep me cozy app) to handle senors, set heat vs. cool, etc. I’m actually actively troubleshooting it since I installed my new Zen thermostats because there seems to be a weird loop bug.

After I determine the fix I’ll post it for you if you’d like to see it.

With that said there is a “Rule Machine” application out there (you’ll have to manually install using the IDE) that basically lets you build any rule / application you want (including the one you mentioned).


This might not be perfect but it’s what I use. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you (and why).

I just use the built in routines to manage my Zen. No issues at all with it to date.

does it switch mode if the temperature goes below what is set. I installed rule machine and was going to set some complex rules but if it switches on its on, I am good??

I have mine set to Heat now, then my routines will manage what to set the temp to based on if I leave the house or go to bed etc., the furnace just kicks on automatically (like any other thermostat) if the temperature is more than 1.5 degree under the set point.

MY problem is I set it to cool during the day but at night there is a drastic temp drop, so I need to switch it to heat, otherwise I wake up to temps that are 5-6° lower than set point.

@Arun_Nayar My app will handle the switch between modes and will let you use additional temp sensors (if you have them).

You’ll still need routines to set the setPoints but I can’t imagine that’s an issue.

@craig Can you explain a bit how this works. I set a threshold of 75 and picked my Zen as the thermostat and sensor. Now what do I need to do in routines?

hahha - Since I wrote this for myself I think you bring up a very valid point that it’s not self explanatory beyond myself.

What this app does is take the heating (and cooling) setpoint from the thermostat and compares it to the sensor(s) [as an average]. If the temperature is lower than the heating point +/- the threshold (I set my to .5) it will change the mode to heating, check if the thermostat needs to be increased (this is only a problem if you are using additional sensors). If heat is not needed it checks if AC is needed. If that’s true then it sets to cooling and does the same check for “needs more AC” (only needed with additional sensors).

There’s some advance logic to reset heating and cooling setpoints after desirer temps are reached but since you aren’t using external sensors I won’t get into that.

What’s important to note is the threshold in the app is that desired +/- allowed on the current temperature compared to desired temperature. Since you aren’t using external sensors I would set this to 0 (zero) since the thermostat will regulate that on it’s own.

The 2nd point is this program has nothing to do with the actual temperature being set (that’s handled by the thermostat) this just ensures that it switches between hot and cold and takes into consideration additional sensors.

For that reason use routines to help you set the actual temperature desired (both heating and cooling).

That’s a lot of typing… no idea if it helps or makes it worse! let me know :slightly_smiling:

OK so based on your instruction, I have set the threshold to 2. Right now my setpoints are 72° for heating and cooling at home and 75° away. So I am guessing it should switch mode if temp goes +/-2 right?

Not quite. You should just set the threshold to 0. It’s really ONLY used when you have additional sensors.

If the temp drops BELOW your temp heating setpoint it will switch to heat. Vice versa if it goes ABOVE your cooling setPoint it will switch to cooling.