IntelliPLUG Integration?

Has anyone written a device handler for the WI-FI based IntelliPlug ( by chance? Bought months ago through an Indiegogo opportunbity and the devices arrived today. Able to get the app to connect, but now hoping to be able to connect to ST.

Their website has the IFTTT logo but I couldn’t actually find them in a search on IFTTT. If they do in fact have this integration then you should be able to do at least some basic operations from ST.

Setup one device on via my iPad, last night. Didn’t connect the first couple of times, but finally got it on line. Loaded the app onto my cell, but added device not seen. Weird. Did a firmware upgrade to the device, now it’s not connecting to the wireless at all. Not a great experience so far.

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You have to tap the me button and then upload configuration from your iPad, then on your mobile go to the me button and download configuration

Hoping for a device handler for these at some point. Great size. Communication sent out today from them: “Google Home integration is approved, just waiting for it to be published and IFTTT will be ready any day now.”

Any programmers up for the challenge?

Thanks. I figured that out just as your post arrived. Strange that I can only add plugs on the first device (iPad) and not the second device (iPhone).

Yet it’s on the box that it’s compatible. Jumped the advertising gun?

Any idea where the CNCT login page is? The login in from the app doesn’t work when trying to connect to the CNCT Connect in IFTTT.

If anyone is willing to help with a handler I have a couple extra new in box units I would donate to the cause.

I see that it is included in IFTTT now, and there are a few preset applets, but there seems to be no way to edit them. Also, even though I am connected to the app through IFTTT, nothing I have on the app shows in IFTTT. Ex. I have named one plug “Aquarium light”. But no options are available in the drop-down menu of an IFTTT applet.

Anyone had any luck with these things?

I’m using the plug with my garage door opener to turn the power off / on depending on the status of ST (away / home) along with turning the power off and on at specific times so the garage door cannot be opened while we are a sleep.

I made a virtual switch in ST for the trigger, and created my own IFTTT applet using the CNCT Life service plugin available in IFTTT.