iDevices Fan Controller Announced at CES

Hey guys

I was just wondering if anyone had any luck integrating anything from the iDevices line-up to Smartthings? I ask specifically because they announced a controller yesterday that seems similar to the Hampton beach one.

Been thinking about fan control a while but Home Depot in Canada does not seems to carry the Hampton Beach model. I also like that this one already comes with a wall switch so I can replace the old one.

Here is a link if anyone is interested:



The GE Z-Wave fan control switch works great and has been available for quite a while (it’s now in its 2nd version and uses Z-Wave+). Does that one not meet your needs?

Unfortunately no. I only have one electrical switch so I need something that can do both on one switch.

Also I realize now that I am not sure this iDevice one will actually have a unit that hides in the hood above the fan.

It’s too bad, maybe I will send Home Depot a message to see if they will be carrying it here eventually.

keep us posted on Canadian availability! been holding off on ceiling fans until I can make them work with ST and Nest thermostats. And I’m keen to retrofit some older fans too.