GE Jasco 14294 vs Jasco 14321

First post. Just moved, setting up a house, and installing a lot of switches. Looking at a 6-pack of GE Jasco smart dimmers (Z-wave plus) from Walmart but they’re listed with a product number of 14321. The others that I have (from Amazon) are 14294, and seem to be the standards one for sale. Problem is they keep getting more expensive, whereas the Walmart 6 pack still come out to $38/each. Just want to be sure they’re the same product, warranty, etc.


Oldie, but a good document to have handy:

Search for 14294 and you’ll see the 14321 right below it. Looks to be just a differentiator for GE and Jasco, and specs should be the same.

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Perfect - that’s really helpful. Very much appreciate your quick reply. Walmart interestingly lists the product as “GE Jasco” but hopefully it’s indeed the same


Same device, certified in the same month, same features, same specifications, both manufactured by Jasco, same user manual, but one of them is licensed to use the GE name and so GE is listed as the manufacturer.

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BTW, Just so I’m making a contribution, the GE switches are a budget brand. If you’re looking in that price category, you might also look at zooz, which are very popular in the community. This is the house brand for “The smartest house.” Excellent features, almost always priced five or $10 below the GE switches. They have a Staff member Who is very active in this forum and can answer any questions you might have. :sunglasses:

And the dimmer happens to be on sale this week.



Also…That Walmart listing is one of their “marketplace” entries where it’s being offered by a third-party seller. Did you notice there’s no picture of the box? Legally, they should not say those are GE, as that model is not licensed to use the GE name. But Walmart won’t know that.

That’s probably a Jasco contractor package that Z wave outlet ( the seller) picked up in an overstock sale.

Sold & shipped by[Zwave Outlet]

Zwave Outlet has done that before, listed items under the incorrect product description.

I find it annoying, but I suspect most people other than Jasco and GE representatives won’t care. In this case, it is the same device, just in a different box.

Thanks for the recommendation @JDRoberts!

@tccarnuel if you have any questions about the Zooz dimmers, let us know. The biggest difference is that the Zooz switches don’t need an add-on for 3-way and 4-way installations, you can use your existing mechanical switches at the additional locations, while with GE you’ll need to get a dedicated $20 add-on for each of them.

We have 2 dimmer models, the ZEN22 (currently on sale through 4/7) and the ZEN27 with simpler 3-way/4-way wiring. Click here for a full list of product differences between the models.

Good luck with the project!

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Thanks everyone, and thanks for the heads up on the Zooz! I’ll message you now with a few questions - thanks!


Hmmm - so is there a way to send you a private message so we don’t clutter the thread, or should I just ask here?

Main question: It seems that the ZEN27 has greater compatibility with different lights I might choose (now or in the future), but is limited with load? For example, in my kitchen I’ll have 12 LED recessed lights, but also on a 3-way. Is this problematic for the ZEN27?

On the other hand, if I know I don’t have a 3-way, is it just safer to go with the ZEN22 for load purposes?

I don’t mind spending a bit more to preserve capability for switching out lights, etc. - is it just safer to go with the ZEN27 for all switches?

Finally, what’s the latency like with the zooz? I compared the GE initially to Inovelli & Honeywell and found the GE to be the only acceptable switch related to latency. Buzzing/humming was also much worse with the others.

Yes! You can click on the icon next to a users name (or on the name itself) and an option to Message will pop up. We’ll message you with the answers shortly!

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Thanks! Much appreciated