Ideas to have an automated garden watering system

(Ravi Shankar) #1

I have a small balcony and have many pots. I am thinking of having a drip irritation system to water all of them using this and connect the kit to this valve which will be connected to the tap. I am also thinking of having a soil humidity/water tester that will send the data back in order for the valve to open/close. Is this something possible with ST?

I have no background with coding and all i can do is copy paste. But really want to try this out.

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Yup, especially when using that valve with something like FortrezZ’s Mimolite. I use the FortrezZ device to control a different type of valve, but not the valve you’ve mentioned, but it should work.

Here’s an example of a custom DTH you could copy/paste that would create a device like this in ST:

The FortrezZ device will show up as a switch in ST when properly set up (a simple jumper setting), so there’s no coding required unless you use custom code like I mentioned above. You’ll then need Spruce’s sensor for the soil. Again, no coding required there either (maybe copy/paste).

What you will need to do is use a SmartApp like CoRE to control the FortrezZ device when the Spruce’s sensor sends a reading below your threshold for moisture levels. I do something similar to monitor humidity levels in my bathrooms and when they get above a certain level CoRE turns on an exhaust fan. Your use case would be similar.

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Dam ! This is almost what I want. The sad thing is, Fortress needs 110V where as in India its 220V. Also, the screen shot you posted, what is that app?

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I did this and automated my Garden. I bought a Spruce controller in order to do this.

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I used two solenoid valves for my garden tap (very similar to the one you’re proposing)… one for cold water, one for hot (filling paddling pools).

I used a Fibaro double relay with custom DTH.

I then built a webCoRE piston to control when to water the garden.

At 8am and 3pm, if there has been less than 3mm of rain that day and and there’s less than 40% chance of rain in the next 7 hours, it opens the cold valve for 15 minutes.

It also sends an email saying I am / not watering the garden because…

Edit - the above webCoRE piston can be imported without coding skills using the backup code at the top.

From another post you made elsewhere, I know you’re using a US hub in India, so you won’t be able to get the Fibaro relays (only the switches and dimmers)… but there are other dry-contact relays available on the US frequencies, the mimolite being one of them (though it’s rather expensive).

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FortrezZ makes that for 220 I believe:

That’s not an app but the device handler I wrote for it to control my valve.

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Thank you! as soon as i move to that house, will try out your method