Recommend smart irrigation solution for ST?

Well i checked the forum here, i checked google and st website but could not find a smart irrigation solution !

  • water valves to on/off valve for irrigation
  • soil sensor and why not weather to interact with these valves

is there rainbird/gardena/rachio hacks to work with ST ?
any recomendation ?

I use Spruce Irrigation. It does integrate with ST, which I use for some limited automations, but I’m not sure how long that will last since the platform changes will require Spruce to redo their stuff.

To be honest, it was nicer with the Classic app than the new ST app, but at least it still works for now. Spruce’s app meets your requirements, like it does for me. In fact, I use Spruce’s app exclusively.


Rachio is a good system. It integrates w ST. Each valve shows up like a switch in the app. Not really sure how useful the integration is. I just use the Rachio app


I’ve only used the 3rd generation spruce sensor (find on Amazon) directly with SamartThings (new app) for soil moisture monitoring purpose only (so no auto irrigation). These sensor are kind of fragile despite being claimed waterproof. Moisture still gets in in 2 ways: (1) condensation, and (2) air/water pressure change. I’ve lost 3 out of 6 sensors in the last year due to moisture, and learned the following:

  1. When insert into soil, do not follow instruction but leave the blue portion about 1/2 to 1 inch ABOVE ground. This reduces the chance water gets in during a rainstorm. You’ll still get semi accurate reading.

  2. When you water the garden, AVOID water on them directly.

  3. You can’t add them directly, and will need to use IDE to switch hub on inclusion mode and enable spruce sensor pairing. That’s how I got it to work.

Using the two setup I’ve managed to save 3 I have not had the best luck integrating other hubs with SmartThings Hubs, and prefer direct pairing with SmartThings Hub. Not sure if I like them or the best, but it kinda work (until there is a better solution).


Thanks for all your sharings.

1/ Anone know why spruce is no there in works with smatthings products list ?

2/ can you please share a link to a spruce valve, i could not see any !?
I amlooking for a BATTERY valve :confused:

Hey there @mattrix

You can locate valve models to inquire about here at this link: or

You can locate the full Intergration list at either of these links:

The models with direct integration will populate for you. The Model code matters so just ensure that you choose the associated one.

Once the information has populated, it will look like this:

I hope this message finds you well!


@Its2loud, Can you setup an automation to turn on and off individual valves?

You can in ST. See screen caps.

But the automations and schedules work better in Rachio and are changed per season automatically as well as weather changes.

Sure for regular lawn stuff I agree. I might want to get a Spruce soil sensor in the future and integrate it with ST to turn on the zone for the vegetable garden. That’s why I was asking.


That’s what I did before all my spruce sensors crapped out (and they would not replace them). I have an Iris water timer valve, and when my sensors worked I used an ST automation to open that valve when the moisture level fell below a certain value.

Now that my sensors are junk, I changed the automation to look for a zone to turn on which is controlled by Spruce’s schedule and it’s integration with ST. It’s not ideal, but it keeps a planting bed watered reasonably well.