Ideas on triggering events once I wake up?

I’m hoping to get some ideas on what people are doing to trigger events once they get out of bed in the morning. I’m not currently on a schedule–it’d be easy if I were, obviously–and I usually wake up anywhere from 7:00 AM - 9:30 AM.

I’ve got a SmartThings motion sensor in my bedroom, which wouldn’t really be much help in deciding whether I’ve actually gotten up (vs. just rolled over in bed). I haven’t been able to find any sensors that can be placed in the bed (I’m thinking something along the lines of a Z-wave pressure sensor that could be placed under the mattress), and I haven’t been able to brainstorm a way of telling that I’m awake and ready to get going. There are several events I’d like to have happen once I wake up:

(1) turn off my white noise machine (I’ve got it connected to an Aeon Labs power switch linked to the ST hub),
(2) send a WOL magic packet to turn on my desktop PC (via SharpTools and Tasker running on my phone),
(3) turn on the kitchen lights, and–if it’s before sunrise–turn on my bedroom lights.

…plus anything else I can dream up. Any ideas on how to tell that I’ve gotten out of bed? I could tie a virtual switch to my Amazon Echo and just tell it to turn the switch on, or make a routine in the ST app, but I’m looking for an automated solution.

Do you have a traditional mattress or a memory foam one?

If it’s memory foam, you likely can’t go with anything under the mattress… but if it’s something else, you could probably use something like this:

Another option may include a motion sensor under the exposed corner of your bed angled up to see you as you’re moving around.

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There are a number of topics in the forums on how to use motion sensors to capture only the right triggers in the bedroom. It’s always tricky because you spend so much time nearly still. So these might be of interest.

In my own case, I have a motion sensor on the side of the nightstand pointing right at the bed and as I get out of bed I swing a hand over it to trigger it. So nothing else triggers it in the room, including my dog.

I agree pressure mats can be really practical for a lot of people. :sunglasses:

Samsung is supposed to have a new sleep sensor coming out sometime this year which is kind of a fancy pressure Mat combined with a sleep monitor that will go underneath the mattress. It’s supposed to work with smartthings, but it’s not available yet.

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I was just about to respond to both your and diehllane’s idea of using the motion sensor–I hate to spend another $40 for a single-use scenario–but I’m thinking I could also use it for a “going to bed” setup (turn on the noise machine, turn off the apartment lights, shut down my PC, etc.) I’ll probably wait for the mat, though, which I wasn’t aware of. I was just about to ask you for a link, but you beat me to the punch. Thank you!

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There is also the Eight Sleep cover coming out (formerly Luna).

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Interesting! The article JDRoberts linked me to gave a ballpark price for the SleepSense of $200 - $250, which makes the EightSleep’s $99 look very attractive. It looks like it pairs with ST, as well. I can’t find anything on the site that details whether or not it detects “presence,” but it’s probably a safe bet that it can if it’s able to measure “the quality of your sleep.”

I don’t know if this will work for your situation, but I always turn on the bathroom light when I get up that also triggers a few other things to happen in the morning. Is there any switch that you turn on first thing everyday?

I spoke too soon. Looks like it’s $209 total. The $99 is just a reserve price.

I was thinking about this, but my pattern varies. Sometimes I need to use the bathroom first thing, sometimes not. I’m pretty sure the Samsung SleepSense should probably do what I need, though. I’ll just wait for it to be released!

I have another motion sensor around the corner from my bed that cannot see me while sleeping. This of course depends on your room geometry.

Hi, excuse the Zombie post. When I wake, I grab my watch and my phone first thing.

There ought to be way to set a rule that says, “When my Galaxy Watch AND my phone detect movement, turn on XYZ.” Why is there not a rule for that??

I just say ‘alexa good morning’, turns on lights, tv, coffee pot, turns temperature up…Add anything else you want. Why make it more complicated and it is not time sensitive. Cost $0

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Well, you wouldn’t want it to happen every time you grabbed your watch and your phone, because those might not always be first thing in the morning. Just as one example, presumably you put them on the charger at night. So you would have to start building various kinds of filters around it.

And in addition, motion of the devices themselves is usually not a good trigger because just getting up off the sofa might trigger it since both devices would be moving through space at the same time.

If you have a voice assistant, that is often easiest way. Or if you put a pressure mat under the mattress and restrict that to specific time period. I have a motion sensor on the side of the nightstand as a touchless switch so I just wave my hand in front of it as I’m getting out of bed then that triggers events. Or you can just have a button on the nightstand that you press.

And To go back to your original question, it could certainly be done not by detecting motion but with NFC tags that are near the chargers. I think there are several community members have done that.

So there are lots of ways of Setting up a good morning trigger, depending on how complicated you want to get. :sunglasses:

Cheap Aqara buttons on each side of the bed. The morning push sets thermostat, and sensor in kitchen turns on lights, broadcasts weather on google home, and unlocks the door. Button push at night tuens down thermostat, turns off all lights, and locks the door

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Google Assistant morning routine can fire after you turn off your alarm. Obviously won’t work for days you want to sleep in though.