Make sure I’m out of bed

Living alone and working daft hours I once in a while sleep through multiple alarms.
My original plan was burglar alarm pressure mats under the mattress. Google calendar knows which days I’m working. So ITTT or Stringify could switch a power outlet with **** loud siren if I’m not out of bed by a certain time on a working day. Possibly. Problem is alarm pressure mats aren’t sensitive enough for my weight spread over a mattress. Medical ‘dementia suffer has got out of bed’ type pressure mats are expensive and too small for a double bed. (I’d need several).
Another though was using the motion sensor outside the bedroom but that requires a negative ‘sound the siren if motion HASN’T been detected’.
A pressure mat under the carpet outside the bedroom has the same problem.
I’m probably missing a simple answer for this but any help would be much appreciated.

Virtual Switch that resets itself every night and that you have to turn off by a certain time in the morning???

Many people find they will wake up with a light that gradually increases in brightness over a few minutes. Phillips hue has a sunrise simulation scene that does this with their lightbulb and the hue bridge, but you can also do it with other bulbs and SmartThings.

Another alternative is a bed shaker which is used by people who are deaf. This is a vibrating device which literally shakes the bed. Or just the pillow. Some of these also have an extra loud alarm, but many are silent, so read the features carefully to make sure you were getting the options that you want. There are a number of different brands. The following is just one example:

If you want to integrate a bed shaker alarm with SmartThings, you need to get one that plugs in rather than battery operated and then combine it with a pocket socket that is controlled by SmartThings.

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Alternative suggestion for the pocket socket:

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Thanks for the tip. Haven’t thought this through yet but…
ITTT Google calendar says I’m working set virtual switch on.
If virtual switch is on at 05:00 switch on power outlet.
If motion sensor sees movement turn virtual switch off.
I’ll be googling but I reckon that looks promising.

I do have the lights come on before I’m due to get up. Occasionally I have arrived home from work around midnight and need to be up at five. It’s those occasions I need something loud to make sure I’m up. On days where I’m home at a more sensible time, just the thought that a siren is due to go off is enough to get me out of bed so I don’t annoy the neighbours.

On a slightly different note. I’m trying to keep SmartApps to a minimum. I’ve now got something I can’t find dimming my lights and turning them blue when I come home. Grrrr.
I think IFTTT would work with the virtual switch and all I need is another power outlet.

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I have a Virtual Switch called Work Day. I have various rules that require Work Day to be On in order to run…

If Work Day is On
Time Happens at Something O’Clock
Motion was not active in the last “X” amount of Time
Then Using "whatever you have to annoy the crap out of you"
Turn On

If Work Day is On
Presence Sensor Changes to Away
Then Using Work Day
Turn Off

Use whatever you like to turn on/off work day.

You could just do a relay, attached to a lever mechanism that tilts the whole mattress 75 degrees from horizontal…


Even though I consider myself the oldest geek in town, sometime the ‘oldest’ bit gets the better of me. So, I hope I’m not being too stupid but, can this all be implemented within Smartthings?
(Siren found and it’s PSU dug out from under the floor. Off to get the power outlet).

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: That’ll do it!

Look into webCoRE for creating your own custom rules for Smart Things connected devices. webCoRE is an easy to follow rule engine that once installed, you’ll be able to cook up whatever recipes you can think of.

Sort of Wallace and Gromit style. :slight_smile:

WebCoRE looks interesting and challenging but I’ll have a dabble. So far I have…
IFTTT turns a virtual switch on if google calendar says I’m working
Smartthings automation to turn on the outlet with the siren if there has been no activity on the motion sensor. A second automation to turn off the outlet and the virtual switch when the motion sensor sees activity.
Thanks to everybody for your help


Welcome to the madness!

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BTW, if you tried lights before, there’s a lot of research indicating that a gradual rise in light level, simulating a natural sunrise, will wake many people up where just turning the lights on will not. You’re not going for a startle effect, you’re just trying to shift your body into waking up mode. Then all of your other alarms will work better. Something to do with brain chemistry. :sunglasses: