Best Motion Sensor for a bedroom

Hi i wanted to buy the motion sensor for my house, for now just to turn on lights when someone is coming and off when there is no one on the rooom ( i will use my hue bulbs and z wave switches).
However im new in this, so what i need is when i enter to my room the lights keep on meanwhile im there and im watching the tv on the bed, or on the laptop, or whatever case, and if i leave the lights turn off after X amount of time.
And a way to “turn off” scene so it will not turn on the light when i move when im sleeping.
i find fibaro interesting, twice expensive for me than the smart things (because i live in mexico) however i can use a fibaro in my beedroom and smart things on the bathrooms or other places, but m not sure if Fibaro it’s easy, because i read i need change the device type for the other sensors and so on, i looked into Aeon multisensor but some people says here in the community that throws false positives and the battery doesnt last long.
any recommendations?
Thanks a lot.

Pets or no pets will factor into this.

I like the Enerwave Ceiling mounts right now but they detect our cats at the moment. I’m playing with them.

Others will recommend more.

This is always a challenging situation because people spend so much time just lying in bed, which can make it tricky to get the automations right.

You might find the following topics interesting (this is a clickable link):


Thank you im Reading, and well maybe you are right its not that simple :frowning: i have a question how you guys turn on the lights? because for example i have “blue” in my hue bulbs, however when i walk into my bedroom i need to take my phone and use the “im at home routine” otherwise if i use the “switch” i will turn off the lights (because seems hue doesnt turn off the switch, just put 0 the brightness) and i have to turn again the switch and the bulb color reset :frowning:
what i was thinking maybe the motion sensor just to turn on, and i will turn off when i need, sadly there is no API for routines (rest api or something AFAIK) so i can make my own app in android using geofence and if i leave i can trigger a X routine so instead manually click “leave routine” i could use my 3th party app (maybe i should open a new thread about it)
so maybe a sensor of my bedroom, and for example the bathroom i would like dont turn off if im taking a shower the sensor will work ok? i guess the bathroom is easier than bedrooms.

@bridaus i dont have pets :smiley: and for now i live alone

I was able to overcome this, but I still don’t like their effectiveness compared to the ecolink wall mounted.

I overcame the pet sensitivity on the enverwave by reducing to 25% then using thin plastic sheets (from plastic bags) to further reduce the IR sensitivity. This took trial and error.

Aren’t you lucky, well from the HA perspective at least :smile:… you don’t have to work combinations of n actions taken r at a time. You walk in and you can get your blues with a contact and you can turn them off when motion stops or if you suspend the motion event, just kiss Alexa good night and the lights will go off. That’s at least what I would do if my cat wouldn’t trigger the motion sensor or my wife & kids wouldn’t open and close the door 100 times…

@JH1 I just bought a couple enerwave’s from Amazon a couple weeks ago. I was having troubles with it picking up pets too. I actually was boxing them back up to send back, and noticed that both shipped an extra “IR Screen” (no idea what they’re called – the little almost translucent bubble thing) with both units. I took the unit apart, and laid the extra over the top of the original, and now it’s not picking up pets, but is picking up humans.

Just thought I’d share in case anyone else was contemplating them.

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Yes sir, I had one - 1 of 10 - that had the extra screen. For whatever reason, it was not enough by itself for me.

I love the way the enerwaves blend in and don’t seem like motion sensors. However, the outward facing wall mount ecolink unit seems to provide better coverage and I have not had a single pet trigger issue with them.

I use both now with fairly good results. Lots of motion detection. :smile:

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so i can use this to turn on the lights and turn off when don’t detect me?