IDE page error 500

Anyone having particular difficulty today?
I usually use Chrome but no luck today changing things in the IDE.
I have tried 2 different computer, 2 different LANS, cleared the caches and tried IE.
:frowning: Guess I’ll load FIrefox until things get better.

Try using an incognito tab in the chrome browser

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I did that too.
Just tried FF and it fails as well. Sadness.

And you have tried ?

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Still 500. I normally use IDE without issue.

Do you have a reference Id for the 500 error? Is the error happening prior to signing in (error from Samsung account sign-in) or once signed in and navigating within the IDE?

Log in to IDE with Samsumg account

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!


500: Internal Server Error



Reference Id



Wed May 13 19:58:18 UTC 2020