IDE Login Problems

Trying to log in to the IDE with Firefox on Windows. I go to, enter my email, it prompts me to choose smartthings or samsung, I choose samsung, enter password, submit, and it takes me to and displays a blank page. Anyone have a clue? Yes, I do have a Samsung account and have not had any problems in the past doing this exactly as I posted above.

Yes! I’ve been going crazy!! It started when I was trying to link google assistant to smartthings,and got the blank screen. so i grabbed my computer to login to IDE and get a blank screen after I put my password in!

OK, so obviously I’m not the only one.

Can’t even get to the login page now. shows it with "downgraded performance…

That’s a handy tool Samsmith2002. Thanks

Edit: Travis, me either. The one time I need it too! I got all excited about linking google assitant to it.