Duplicate smart app removal

For whatever reason some of my custom smart apps in the IDE have been duplicated

The smart apps have been used quite a lot to create automations I need, if I delete one of the duplicated smart apps, will I loose automations associated with it or will the automations remain, attached to surviving exactly same smart app

Or maybe just put up with it and ignore the fact that some are doubled

If you go to Smartapps in IDE and click on the eye icon to the right of the name, it shows created and modified dates. Perhaps the duplicate one will show newer dates that you can use to determine which one is the duplicate.

But I leave that up to you if you choose to delete. There is always a chance you may lose more than desired .

You can always contact ST support and get their advice/assistance.

Thanks jkp, unfortunately some dates are same on some apps some or slightly different

To further compound the issue in the ST app i have probably used either or of the duplicates, I initially really didn’t care there were 2 of several apps

As the IDE will eventually get nuked in the future there appears to be no real harm leaving things as they are