Can't edit or remove a Smart App

For some reason my SmartApps is showing a bunch of the same app. Only of these works. The rest I cannot modify or delete. When I try to view the app they just say “You are not authorized to perform the requested operation.” If I try and add another version of this app for another controller, it adds another instance of the app, but does not work.
Any ideas what’s going on and how I can delete these?

Go into your IDE to delete them.
You are probably going into the My Apps area when you mend or do a new one.
After the first definition of an app, go into Automations and then the SmartApps tab for any future amendments and provisions

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If what @bobbles recommends doesn’t work reach out to Support. I have had a few smartApps get stuck and they were able to remove them.

Where in the IDE?

Log into the Developer IDE.

Select "My Locations"
Select your location’s hyperlink in the table (far left link)
Go to bottom and click on "List SmartApps"
Click “Edit” on far right of the screen, just below the image near the top of the page.
Click “Uninstall” for any SmartApps you want removed.

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I would leave the top one as that’s probably the first one you configured. Delete all the other duplicates.
You are not alone with this issue. It caught me and a few others out.