IDE EU Shard problems

Couldn’t find a better place to post this. Sorry if it’s the wrong category.

For two days, I can’t access “My Smart Apps” from the IDE in EU shard, which is:

I get errors like:

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
URI /ide/apps
Reference Id 039d3a99-3122-43bc-94fa-d18669e5501a
Date Mon Dec 12 18:12:09 UTC 2016

I opened a ticket with SmartThings, but there’s no response yet. I bought this SmartThings starter kit a few days ago, and this is not the best experience. Still within my return window with Amazon, so things does not look good if this continues to be the case…

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This is what I’m seeing in our logs, it looks like we aren’t prepared to handle whitespace in github pathes

Illegal character in path at index 78: Logger

It looks like the space in your directory name is giving us trouble. Maybe change it to a dash or underscore :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation.

Actually that’s not my repository, it’s someone else’s. But anyways, why is that “space” a problem? I’m sure other people use that repository without a problem. I got it from here:

I just replicated the behavior you were seeing on our na02 shard as well on my own account, this issue stems from not encoding the URL correctly for our github integration, which I’m fixing :slight_smile:.

The author’s instructions don’t allude to installing these SAs via the github integration:

  1. Within the SmartThings IDE, click ‘My SmartApps’, then ‘+ New SmartApp’.
  1. Select the ‘From Code’ tab and paste in the contents of the relevant groovy file.
  2. Click ‘Create’, and then ‘Publish’ (For Me).

Even with the github integration working the directory layout in that repository hasn’t been updated to the new directory layout that SmartThings currently uses for SAs/DTHs (the lack of a .src directory encapsulating the smartapp). So there weren’t any SAs/DTHs detected when I added this repo after fixing the URL issue

e.g. the CoRE repo:

Cool, thanks for fixing this.

Another problem.

Since I bought SmartThings a few weeks ago I’m experiencing very slow loading of “My Smart Apps” and “My Device Handlers” on IDE EU shard. Sometimes pages even doesn’t load. “My Devices” loads very fast, but those two are hit and miss, usually very very slow. Need to refresh like 5 times in order to access them. I have 9 custom device handlers and 2-3 smart apps.

Please fix this, it’s getting frustrating when trying to develop some custom device handlers.