Cannot Access IDE - redirecting to My Smartthings

I’ve not seen this posted yet, but I can’t access the IDE today. is redirecting to

New browser, incognito, different PC… all the same result.

Is this a short term problem? Anyone else experiencing this?


oh boy. This is certainly interesting… I sure hope its a temporary mistake and we would get more notice when the Groovy IDE finally goes away.


Especially since the Groovy IDE is still the only place to:

  • Reboot the hub
  • View hub events
  • Send hub logs to support
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Try or

I’m also getting the redirect on account.smartthings, but both of those are working for me.

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These links get me into the IDE, but it’s initially empty - No hubs listed, no devices, no smart apps, and strangely 1 device handler. (Usually about 40).

Once I select my home under the My Locations tab, I can see everything again…

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Out of curiosity, where was the use of to access the IDE first documented? It has been mentioned in this forum in posts dating back as far as 2016 (though they could be retrospective edits) but it is not mentioned in the Classic documentation and it is not in the current documentation. Both only mention It has never been entirely accurate as if you have Locations on multiple shards you still need to redirect to the correct URL via the IDE.

The Classic documentation talks of having hubs in more than one region, which is a little ironic given that things can break if your Location and account regions don’t match.

Staff members mentioned it in this forum once multiple shards were introduced with the first UK accounts, I think that was late 2015. Initially you had to know your own shard URL and go there, but then the universal sign on URL was formally added in 2018 which would redirect you once authentication was complete.

I was just wondering how new users got to find out about it. The Developer Workspace does link to but the Classic documentation didn’t and nor does the current developer documentation. I have always used that URL on the forum since I became aware of it but that is all based on community lore.

I’d like to think the change is deliberate and that will suddenly morph into a full on IDE replacement, as at the moment it is a bit out of place.

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No idea. :thinking:

I’ve always felt that the onboarding for new users was pretty weak, but maybe that’s just me.

It is probably not as bad as it was when I first joined which was probably about as bad as it gets. As a new user I was firmly pointed at the new app, which apart from having near zero functionality at the time wasn’t even available for any of my phones or tablets, and at the Developer Workspace which again had zero functionality and wasn’t pitched at community users at all. I figured nothing could be as useless as it was presented and so stumbled upon the community forum, the Classic app and the IDE which was where all the activity actually was.

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