iBlinds Update

I just received an email for a product called IBlinds. This is a Z-Wave controlled smart blinds. There isn’t a lot of info in the email other than it can be solar powered or off a USB adapter. They say it will work with any Z-Wave Hub. Below is a excerpt:
Do I need to purchase an additional hub in order for my blinds to integrate with my other smart devices?

No. iBlinds is a Z-Wave Certified product. Z-Wave certification ensures that all Z-Wave products work together with each other regardless of brand, including backward-compatibility between versions. This interoperability, which has been the hallmark of Z-Wave technology since 2002, is achieved and maintained through Z-Wave certification, a testing program administered by the Z-Wave Alliance consortium.

Most of the leading smart home controllers support Z-Wave including SmartThings, Wink, and Vera.

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