Z-Wave blinds called iBlinds

Found this today it looks like the least expensive retrofit system that I have seen.http://www.myiblinds.com/

This does look interesting. Looks like it attaches to the binds handle that you turn, only it turns it for you. I like so far.

If it ever comes to market. Still coming soon. And if this forum discussion is the same product, it’s been coming soon for two years.

@joelw135 where did you see pricing information? I don’t see it on their website, which is pretty sparse overall.


It actually goes around the rod in the top header.[quote=“marktheknife, post:3, topic:83381”]
where did you see pricing information? I don’t see it on their website, which is pretty sparse overall.

I think the price was $59.00

Based on what?

It’s still in pre-release and it’s going to run up against the 50 patents being held by MySmartBlinds, Who have been selling and shipping their product for over a year now.

Mysmartblinds has recently announced a new bridge which is supposed to make it compatible with smartthings (my guess is maybe through IFTTT but they haven’t said yet). I’d bet a virtual pizza that mysmartblinds Gets their bridge product to market before Iblinds delivers their first one.

My smart blinds has a company track record of delivering real products, with full safety certifications, that can be sold at retail. iBlinds, not so much. :sunglasses:

Their retrofit kits are available through Amazon or sold at Home Depot:

I am personally very impressed that where most retrofit Systems for motorized blinds make unsafe blinds even more unsafe, the folks at MySmartBlinds have actually improved the safety by moving the cord inside the top piece rather than leaving it hanging down. (That’s one of their patents.) :sunglasses:

That is what I have now, and the Hub is now available for purchase. And sometime this year it will work with SmartThings. Or at least that is what they say.

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I no longer buy anything in home automation based on promised future features, but I’m definitely keeping my eye on this one. :sunglasses:

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I have these for two years, not sure, but they work flawlessly. I never bought them for integration with ST, but as I got more involved with ST I started to think differently. My biggest problem is in my home the areas I want to buy them for have a huge amount of windows. So the cost would be large. I have 10 just in my family room.


I just received an email for a product called IBlinds. This is a Z-Wave controlled smart blinds. There isn’t a lot of info in the email other than it can be solar powered or off a USB adapter. They say it will work with any Z-Wave Hub. Below is a excerpt:
Do I need to purchase an additional hub in order for my blinds to integrate with my other smart devices?

No. iBlinds is a Z-Wave Certified product. Z-Wave certification ensures that all Z-Wave products work together with each other regardless of brand, including backward-compatibility between versions. This interoperability, which has been the hallmark of Z-Wave technology since 2002, is achieved and maintained through Z-Wave certification, a testing program administered by the Z-Wave Alliance consortium.

Most of the leading smart home controllers support Z-Wave including SmartThings, Wink, and Vera.

Very interesting.


Thanks for bringing it up, as this morning I couldn’t find the original post.

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Also have numerous Mysmartblinds and only one blind missed it’s “schedule” in the few months I’ve had them. Have the solar panels and it seems to keep most of the blinds at a steady charge level. Might have to top up one or two several months down the line, but these things are so convenient, I’m a believer in their product. Not having to worry whether you closed the blinds when you are out and about is really cool. Waiting for the hub, which will give access to Amazon Alexa at the start (which, for the most part, I really don’t need.) But, I figured why not have it just in case…

The only thing I’m a bit surprised about is their lack of presence here. I know there are many people that would love to take a look at the upcoming ST integration and they could get some great feedback…But we shall see…

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You left out parts of the email they sent…

Launch Day February 27th, 2018
We hope everyone had a happy holiday season. Due to the fact that CES was in January, our Indiegogo campaign counselor advised us to start the campaign in late February. We will begin accepting pre-orders Tuesday, February 27th via Indiegogo. Expect a preview of our Indiegogo landing page, video, pricing, perks and bundles as we approach our launch date.

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That’s encouraging… I had noticed iBlinds a year or so ago but got tired of waiting for them to get their act together. I assumed they fizzled out. I ended up committing to mySmartBlinds when they announced the Kickstarter campaign for their ST compatible hub. I should have the hub in March to go with my 9 blinds that I installed. I’m still on the fence as far as the mySmartBlinds go… Their Android app has a problem with scheduled events with the suntracking feature enabled, and I often find that controlling multiple blinds (a room) doesn’t always work for all the blinds in the room. There seems to be some intermittent connectivity issues with the individual units that eventually resolves on it’s own if you wait long enough. (Not earning the WAF so far.)

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Oh, just an FYI, some had probably noticed this, but they (Mysmartblinds) are working on shades, too. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring them to market quickly enough, so I had to go with a much more expensive option (Lutron) but this will probably be a good option coming up…

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A lot of Bluetooth devices have better connectivity with iOS than android. It just has to do with how they built the management protocol.

Thanks JDR, that’s good to know. I’m hoping the new mySmartBlinds hub will bypass many of my Android related issues since it will handle all the BLE communication.

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Looks like the hubs are going out for Beta integration with Alexa. I’m not a programmer, but hopefully someone will get the hub and be able to get the blinds added as “things” quicker than the implementation they have down the line…:slight_smile: