I think ADT Smartthings bought from US can't be used in Canada

Hello there,

I recently bought Samsung SmartThings ADT Security Starter Kit. Although Canada Amazon sells the device as well, the deal was good and I got it from US Amazon and had them ship here.

I followed the steps to set up the Smartthings hub on my existing account and it worked perfectly. When I clicked on the ADT tab on the Smartthings app, I got an error message saying

“403 Error
The request could not be satisfied.
The Amazon CloudFront distribution is configured to block access from your country.”

Does this mean I can not use it in Canada? But remember that this device is being sold here in Canada.

Is it being sold by Amazon itself? Or by some third-party seller? Because that model only works in the US.

Can I use the ADT Security Hub outside the US?
No. The ADT Security Hub and ADT professional monitoring services are currently only available in the US.

As of today, all of the listings that I see on Amazon.ca are third-party listings, who probably don’t understand the issue, or are selling it for people to use at US locations.

And there are multiple questions on the Amazon page saying that it doesn’t work in Canada.

Will this work in canada? on their website it says for us clients only
Nope, its only good for monitoring your self, but cant connect to ADT. The IP for the subscription is blocked in canada.
By Amazon Customer on February 26, 2019

I see. Then I bought an expensive Smartthings hub. I wasn’t going to get ADT professional monitoring services but I was interested monitoring myself. I know you might say I don’t need ADT for that but it is a good feature to set up the arm/disarm using the manuel hub. I am also aware the two systems are different.

This device should not be sold for out of US. This is such a good device but they purposely limit it. They could have let us use it. They could just block it when people want to subscribe for the ADT service. In that case, we could monitor ourselves no matter where in the world.

Any idea that can offer panel to arm/disarm an alarm system with Smartthings?

I just talked to a Smartthings representative. He suggested that I return the product back to Amazon because ADT tab on the Smartthings App will only work in US, it will need a US IP address.

Now I wonder if I should use a VPN server to tell the ADT Smartthings hub that it is in US.