I only wanted to fix the devices in the Routine, it isn't asking a lot

I’ve just switched the smart outlets that power two of my hubs. This resulted in two Routines that used deleted outlets being disabled. I updated one easily enough. For the second one I updated a condition and then my mind wandered off for a short while before I addressed the action. When I returned to what I was doing a message flashed up saying something along the lines of another user having deleted the Routine and it vanished from under my fingertip.

What the actual Friar Tuck? What’s that all about then? There isn’t anyone else who could have done that and it weren’t me, guv.

And after all that it turns out they lied about the deleting the Routine bit as it was now sitting completely greyed out with other disabled Routines.

Then as if it couldn’t get any weirder, as I ended up with one newly created and one fixed Routine I now had two identical Routines. So I deleted one and now I have neither of them, because leaving the one I didn’t delete alone would be too easy wouldn’t it?

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Maybe the unique IDs aren’t really unique…


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