Almost all Routines have turned off

I have just had about 99% of my routines turned off. Is there anything that you can actually/accidentally do in the app to achieve this?

I manually turned them all back on, so I will see if it occurs again. I couldn’t figure out any logic to it as some that were still on were local and some cloud based. Multi component switches had some off and some on. Never happened to me before.

I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago. Every single routine turned off. I also lost every action assigned to every button. Seemed to be the same time.

All my button routines appear have survived, but they are all actual routines and not actions in the device. I got tired of adding new ones back for my Bond Fan every time the hub was rebooted, that saves a ton of time now that routines are not auto deleted when a device is.

I had a couple routines that were turned off after information about my location data was somehow removed from the app.

they might be working on stuff in the live environment and/or a rogue employee.