I need help setting up a anon multisensor v6 to turn on and off a dehumidifier

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I’ve tried everything to get my dehumidifier in the garage to turn on and off a specific humidity levels with the Anan multi-sensor nothing seems to work. Does anybody have any suggestions? Has anybody made this work properly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way I’m kind of a newbie to this. But I have 20 years experience in the IT industry so that should help I hope LOL


Hi @Matt_Sanders, Welcome to the Community!

I’ve done exactly what you want with our three bathroom exhaust fans and humidity sensors. I use CoRE for that and it works great.

Here’s one of mine configured in CoRE:

If you haven’t tried CoRE, you should add this to your list of favorite SmartApps to install and use. Here’s more info:


Hi @Matt_Sanders,

I need to correct myself a little. Seems as though Smart Home Monitor - aka SHM (which is “built in”) can do the same thing if your dehumidifier in plugged into a controllable switch. That switch will be seen as a light to control when you tap on “Alert with Lights”.

You will need separate SHM rules to do the same thing as 1 Core Piston. One for turning it on, and one for off. SHM can’t do conditions like AND or OR yet.

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Thanks for the info! I’ll give it a shot and post the results.

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SHM will allow me to set it to turn on, but I can’t use it to turn it off.
I’m going to try the app you suggested.


Right. That’s why I said you’ll need separate SHM rules in my other post vs CoRE. One to turn it on and another to turn it off.

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John, since the secondary condition is the exact opposite of the primary condition, you could have it all in a Simple piston:

   Master Bath Humidity Sensor humidity is greater than 75%
   Using Master Bathroom Shower Fan...
      > Turn on
   Using Master Bathroom Shower Fan...
      > Turn off

You’ll get the same exact results.


Awesome, thanks! The more I use CoRE the more I learn. I’m going to change them now.

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Yeah, you’ll find out a lot of things can be done in a lot of ways. Pick your weapons. I mean, ways…

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Everywhere I try to find core or piston it says it’s obsolete and not
available. I’m confused.

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I’m new to the smart app and all that goes with it. I’ve apparently got a
lot to learn.


If you look up in my first reply you’ll see a link to the community post for the release candidate, and within that is the link to the code. To save you a little time, here it is:


And that’s not a problem! We’re here to help. I just updated my pistons to be even simpler using @ady624’s recommendation. Here’s what it looks like now: