Migration to the new HUB Holly Cow what a pain

I received my new Hub v2 and I have to say I am not sure if I really improved anything. Time will tell, but the amount of work to redo 50 devices and re do all the automation was a pain in the you know what. I had all kinds of problems with Cree Bulbs still have a few I can’t get working, Mini mote was a real problem, the Kiwkset locks took a long time to redo, the D Link camera still isn’t working, the M Q Garage isn’t working yet, the smart apps all had to be redone, Door sensors I had a ton of issue to re include, and I am 2 days into it.

SmartThings you got to do better than this, to many folks are going to run from this type of issue with a change, and we still don’t know if its going to be better as far as stability is concerned and we don’t know if we will continue to have outage issues.

I hope you are listening to your customers, it is really too much to really put us through.

Thanks for Listening.


SmartThings did need to do a little better job in communicating when Hub 2 was released. There was some communication, but probably not enough.

The short version is that Hub2 was released before a migration tool because:

  1. Alex didn’t want new users buy the old hardware just because they didn’t have the software for migration all set and ready.
  2. Alex wanted the Hub2 out there for people who wanted it right away and were willing to go through the pain of migration.

I did the migration myself last Thursday. Biggest problems I had where getting some devices to exclude properly. Some went great… some look three or four attempts to finally get them properly excluded. Between that and the Mobile App continuously crashing on me, it was very frustrating.

Once that part was done it was pretty easy going forward. My Kwikset lock actually pair really easily. One thing I would really recommend is getting a nice long network cable so you can move your hub around the house a bit while setting up. Device like to be really close when first pairing and it helps to be able to move the hub 20 or 30 feet closer if you can.