I have levito Vic 52 Mrs vizier rf two switch any one know how to get it to work?

I have the about switch it’s a double in a single hole it says it’s not compatible but some one suggested I ask you all

Are you trying to get help with the Leviton VRCS2-MRZ Vizia RF+ 2 Button Scene Controller?

It would help us if you didn’t allow your phone to autocorrect the model # so that it becomes almost unrecognizable.

If you are asking whether you can connect that switch to a SmartThings hub then the answer is possibly. It requires a community-developed solution. Please search for the model # in this forum (the actual model as I’ve typed it above) and you’ll see a few topics already about how people were able to work on getting it connected.

If you’re asking about the Leviton VRCS2-MRZ Vizia RF+ 2 Button Scene Controller, yes it will work with SmartThings, and it will show up as 3 devices in your Things list when properly set up. I have one working pretty well.

First it’s discovered as a scene controller, which does nothing in ST, and then you set up each button separately.


Thank you ! I will give it a search