I can't figure out how to pair this sensor


(Ricardo de la Cruz) #1

I recently move to a house that had a lot of pre-installed smart switches, locks, etc. So far everything is working fine, but I can not figure out how to pair a sensor that’s in the living room:

This is all I can see in it:

Does anyone know what’s the brand model? How do I pair it with my hub?


(Ricardo de la Cruz) #2

This is how it looks without the plastic cover:


Take the battery out and see if there’s a label underneath With an FCC license number.

(Ricardo de la Cruz) #4

This is what I see:

(Dan) #5

Give this a try…

(Steve White) #6

It look like a Centralite 3305-S 3-Series motion sensor although the front trim looks different. Still, it carries the 3305-S model and centralite is printed on the PCB. There’s a good chance it’s a variant of that.

(Ricardo de la Cruz) #7


That was it… and a change of battery :slight_smile: